Actor identification - Lone Ranger and Jack Benny

Brian Kavanaugh

Two questions came in on the YouTube channel. First, a listener of the 8/14/1939 episode of The Lone Ranger titled "Pot Luck Potter's Mule" thinks Tonto does not sound like John Todd. According to the series log, Todd played the role for the entire series - but I'm guessing that doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't out occasionally because of illness, etc., and they had to bring in a substitute. Anyone able to tell for certain? Episode link is

Second is the 4/24/1938 The Jell-O Program Starring Jack Benny episode called "Snow White and the Seven Gangsters." The listener is wondering who played Grumpy. That link is According to this source, the cast for that episode is Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Phil Harris and His Orchestra, Mary Livingstone, Kenny Baker, Andy Devine, Sam Hearn, Wally Baker, Harry Baldwin, Ed Beloin (writer, performer: doubles), Bill Morrow (writer), Blanche Stewart.


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