Re: My tiny pirate OTR radio station.

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Audionoir is one of the channels that I use with a program that I wrote that uses ffplay.  Interesting to see that it has a pirated station component to it.

And I have to agree that most of everything is moving to the internet.  It's a matter of market share and where to put their efforts.  Not to say that they wouldn't, I just have to wonder what are the odds unless the person is really, really, really big or is really putting people off with the broadcast if it's just local and probably a certain demographic neighborhood at that due to how many are actually using terrestrial radio for that to affect?  Even sat radio has been around since what early 2000s?  Quite possibly a whole generation without AM/FM radio memories that are adults now.  I haven't used AM/FM radio in over a decade, perhaps two, if I listened to a radio station (for instance, for a new Imagination Theatre broadcast), I would use the browser based version (especially if it wasn't local to me).  Most of the time, I use my NAS and stream throughout the property, but it always goes thru the LAN, so someone would have to be pirated my internet for them to be accosted with what I'm streaming.

It just appears to me, that it would a low priority, not to say that it isn't illegal to run a pirated station, just what are the odds without certain things going against you? 



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Here' more info on it and if you want some hot-rodding info on it contact me directly.



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