Re: My tiny pirate OTR radio station.

Charles Walker

25 years ago I was working at an auto auction it was located outside of town at least 5 miles away from any other buildings. I made up my own playlist of songs I wanted to listen to at my work station. I worked in the body shop, this auction had a cafeteria, a detail shop, a mechanics shop and different offices and a large parking lot which held three or four hundred cars. I fed the headphone output of the CD player to a amplifier and then to speakers. Some of the guys in the shop liked the music I had playing and asked if I could you run a speaker over so we can hear it. I had a better idea I had built an FM transmitter from a kit it put out 1 to 2 Watts. I am a ham radio operator so I'm familiar with electronic circuits and antennas. So I took it to work and hooked it up and fed it with my CD player, this was so the other guys in the shop could could tune their radios and listen to my tunes without me having to run wires and set up speakers. I found out this it would cover most of the parking lot and the and most other departments. I knew this was illegal but figured I was safe I picked the frequency that would not interfere with any station. I adjusted the power and the antenna placement so it would fade out once you went out to the road and drove a little way. This was at a time that you couldn't buy an FM transmitter from Amazon or somebody else did put out any kind of power.I was worried about the FCC but I figured if they did discover it they would just tell me to stop they didn't and I used that for a couple of years.

On 4/6/2022 11:56 AM, Scott wrote:

Here are some photos of my setup. The transmitter is velcroed to the back. I also built a website That lets me create playlists in chunks or groups that make it easy for me rearrange, save and reuse. The playlist is looping so it will restart every about every 16 hours. Here is another example of a playlist I created from audio at of K-Mart music.

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