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Scott Mahan

Well, in reality, that is exactly what would happen. So I’m on Ted’s side. I’ll just stay subscribed and get them 1-2 a month until he runs out.

Just like Jungle Jim. I was so sad when he ran out of those.

But the monthly email to go get the download is just like a Christmas present.

He goes through other cool stuff besides Mr. Chameleon and Fibber McGee.

  • He’s up to 17 episodes of the McCarthy hearings, which are sort of real-life reality-tv.
  • And 29 episodes of Cecil and Sally, the 30’s version of Dharma & Greg.
  • Plus three separate soaps, and assorted episodes of Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Lone Ranger, Superman, etc.
  • By my count, 349 previously uncirculated episodes in 4 and a half years.

Definitely a group worth belonging to.


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I ran it by Ted.   He doesn't want to sell the full set at this time.  It's exclusive to members of his buying group.    After all the episodes have been released to his group, he'll consider selling the collection as a set of wav files.   He's afraid of someone posting them all as mp3s.

I would encourage everyone to join his group.   Please  contact Ted Davenport at tedotr52@....



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You should be able to , that’s what he does.




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 Could those eposodes be purchased outright from Ted?


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