Re: OTRR is on Tik Tok

Scott Mahan

That is super-cool.


Tik Tok is not so bad. If you ever need to fix anything, their videos are way better than YouTube to figure it out.

Sorting through 60 second answers is way better than 60 minute answers.

Carburetors, virtual server hosts, concrete repair, even taxes, Tik Tok has helped me with it all.

But no funky dances … with you there … not necessary. J


OTR needs to be there. Proud to have you putting it out there!


From: <> On Behalf Of Ryan Ellett via
Sent: Friday, June 3, 2022 3:34 PM
Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] OTRR is on Tik Tok


If you're like me, you have not the slightest interest in Tik Tok. Nevertheless, tens of millions of whipper-snappers do, and the numbers that Brian Kavanaugh, our YouTube maestro reports we get on that platform are astounding. I tapped my more savvy 17-year-old daughter to help set up a Tik Tok account and create some initial "videos." Basically, we're just using audio clips combined with art from our Maintained sets to create the short, one-minute videos. I'm not doing any funky dances, I can assure you! That being said, if you happen to have a Tik Tok account or have kids or grandkids who do, encourage them to follow us and like our videos. This increases their overall visibility. We really have no idea what we're doing but figure an attempt to bring the old-time radio medium to this social media platform is worth some time and effort. Here is the link to our profile

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