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Gordon Johansen

I certainly don't remember seeing anything about this via email on the list. I wonder if it could have gone to a dead address? I might have missed it on FB but I usually read everything here.


Ryan Ellett via wrote on 6/08/22 1:26 PM:
Do you remember when this happened? It doesn't ring a bell at all.

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On Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 12:31:10 PM CDT, Bob Merritt <bobmerritt58@...> wrote:

Ryan...   Jay @ Antioch OTR offered his very nice collection of LGDI to OTRR, but no one ever replied to him.    He transferred the bulk of them from R2R tapes.     They're the best sounding LGDI I've heard.   It's what both he and I use on our streams.    You can totally throw away the existing OTRR set and replace it with his.     

However he got a little miffed that no one replied to take up his offer.     

On Wed, Jun 8, 2022, 8:37 AM Ryan Ellett via <> wrote:
All, we haven't recruited any listeners for quite some time but a revision of Let George Do It is beyond what one or two people can do in a reasonable time. One of our most reliable contributors of sets for Maintained review sent us a new set of this series about 3 years ago that we're just now dusting off. It possibly includes some sound upgrades, corrected file labels, and maybe some new recordings. If you're willing to take ten episodes at a time (20 total - 10 of the existing Certified set and the corresponding 10 of the submitted updated set) please respond here or privately and I'll send you a pCloud link. There are just under 270 episodes, including the Canadian syndicated episodes, so we could use a good number of listeners. 

I don't ask for any sort of write-up or summary of the audio, just your recommendation for which of the two versions of each episode should be included in the set. It's likely that in many cases both will sound good and pretty much indistinguishable. In that case we'll probably just default to the recording already included in the set. 

Let me know if you have questions or would like to get in on some LGDI listening!

Gordon Johansen

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