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When I checked all my normal sources, the shows listed here seem to be what they all have. 


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I am putting the final touches on a curated set of Under Arrest. Most of them are beautiful sound from the Stu Weiss Collection. Can you check your holdings in case we're missing an episode or two? There are not many in circulation. Several places, including the OTRR library, have an episode titled 1949-05-08 "Mrs. Mollison's Handbag"; it is very likely 1950-08-06. Check the credits at the end. If it is written by Paul Milton then it is the 1950-08-06 episode according to David Goldin's episode summaries and credits.

1948-06-06 The Case of the Accidental Murders
1948-08-01 Spook of Sherwood Mansion
1948-09-05 Max Kemp
1948-11-07 Joe Barker
1949-02-06 The Sam Carver Case
1949-06-26 Van Gogh's Paris Road
1949-07-10 The Case of the Evil Witness
1949-08-21 The Case of Ruth Cutter's Burglar
1950-08-06 The Willing Victim Report

Thank you!

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