Suspense Marathon starts on YesterdayUSA Blue at 7am ET Saturday June 18

Joe Webb

The 12 hours of Suspense has a replay stream on YesterdayUSA Blue Network beginning Saturday, June 18 at 7am Eastern time.
Go to and select the BLUE network; the stream is also available on the TuneIn app.
The intros by Keith Scott as Suspense stars and other show background and history make it a fun listen.

1    The Hitchhiker
2    The Locked Room
3    Donovan’s Brain Part 1
4    Donovan’s Brain Part 2
5    To Find Help (1945)
6    August Heat (1945)
7    Dead Ernest (1946)
8    House in Cypress Canyon
9    The Thing in the Window (1946)
10    The Man Who Couldn’t Lose (1947)
11    Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)
12    Three O’Clock
13    The Crowd
14    On a Country Road (1950)
15    A Killing in Abilene
16    The Diary of Dr. Pritchard
17    The Face is Familiar
18    Circumstantial Terror
19    The Giant of Thermopylae
20    Rave Notice (1954)
21    Fragile: Contents – Death (1956)
22    Long Night (1956; the aviation story)
23    Night on Red Mountain (1957)
24    Three Skeleton Key (1958)

And then... after the marathon... Keith and I will be taking calls with listeners and Walden Hughes and John and Larry Gassman. Details at


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