Re: OTRR Purchasing Group - New Files added to OTRR Library


A few notes:
Aldrich Family,The 0000-00-00 Henry's Furnace Cleaning Business
This one should be dated November 7, 1940.
Attorney At Law 1938-02-09 6 TCOT Mother Who Wasn't
This one should be dated August 9, 1938.
Blondie 1949-11-18 6 Dagwood Bargains for Mr. Dither' Antique Transit
This should be dated November 17, 1949.
People Next Door  should be The Couple Next Door.

From: Paul Kornman via
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 4:43 PM
Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] OTRR Purchasing Group - New Files added to OTRR Library

About once a year, we take the OTRR Purchasing Group's files that were
  - acquired more than 12 months ago and
  - are not yet in the OTRR Library
and transfer them to the OTRR Library.

Here's a report showing which files have been added recently.

Some are upgrades in quality and some are for episodes that did not have any audio files.

(Click a row in the table to hear the audio file).

- Paul Kornman

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