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Randy Watts

Blondie - 1944-06-26 - 247 - Opens with an Instriumental Tune. Alexander and the Spooks

A couple of notes about this one: The "instrumental tune" that opens the show is "It Ain't Necesssarily So," from PORGY AND BESS. Also, log listings give the title of this one as "Blondie Frightens a Ghost," which is consistent with the show's habit of starting every script title with "Blondie." They didn't start a title with "Dagwood" or "Alexander." It was always "Blondie's Husband" or "Blondie's Son."


Blondie - 1945-04-29 - 292 - Dagwood's Extreme Diet

Log listings identify this one as "Blondie's Husband Diets." Likely accurate, for reasons given above. Their script titles always started with "Blondie."



On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 06:43:51 PM CDT, Paul Kornman via <pkornman@...> wrote:

About once a year, we take the OTRR Purchasing Group's files that were
  - acquired more than 12 months ago and
  - are not yet in the OTRR Library
and transfer them to the OTRR Library.

Here's a report showing which files have been added recently.

Some are upgrades in quality and some are for episodes that did not have any audio files.

(Click a row in the table to hear the audio file).

- Paul Kornman

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