Scott Mahan

Saying that we are down to 4 lost episodes, shouldn’t the John Dehner audition also count as lost?


But this is super-cool. Have to decide whether to use it for the drive to work tomorrow or save it.


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Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] A MISSING GUNSMOKE!


Episode 10: "The Ride Back"

Jerry Haendiges posted about it today (you need to be logged into FB to see)

There is a history page about the episode that has other places to download from
INCLUDING the pcloud link that Jerry posted
The link on the page also includes the most recent missing episode that Ian Grieve found in Australia in 2014

AND you can listen at the OTRR YouTube account

Enjoy the show! And the story behind it!

Thanks very much to collector Jim Stephenson who helped make this possible


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