Re: OTRR Labs: Magazines


Hi Paul... 

1. Overviews...

How many magazines or newsletters (publication titles, that is, not individual issues) are in the collection?  

If some volunteer or volunteers offered to write overviews of the publications during the winter doldrums, would there be a way to incorporate them in the database search? Would users appreciate it? Maybe too big a job without "crowd sourcing", and that would (as usual) leave you stuck in the middle gluing it all together...

But an overview could be something as simple as "SPERDVAC club newsletter, since 1978, sometimes 40 pages or more. 'logs, photos, cartoons and articles on radio'"; or, "RADIO MIRROR, sometimes over 100 pages, slick consumer mag, founded 1933 as a monthly by Syndicate Magazine Corporation, later a Macfadden magazine, eventually RADIO & TV MIRROR" (from the earliest credit box of the publication, and a couple of peeks at later issues.) or with some extra work to look up full dates of publication and add comments on content and quality (interviews, profiles, listings, photos, whatever) based on reading a few issues.  


2. Sharing search results

By "search results" your ideas are what I meant. I was thinking of cases where you might want to share some research in progress with someone, like "Hey, Joe, I've seen some interesting things searching old magazines for references to 'The Big Story'; here's a link..." 

Or "Hey, Paul, the following links on the SPERDVAC Recall search results don't work..."

Coincidentally, while coming up with that hypothetical example, I just discovered the Jan 1 1984 and Dec 8 1987 Sperdvac newsletters came up "404" on the old interface. The covers shows up on ( the old mag interface, but "404" when I click them. Checked a few others and they were fine. Didn't have time to crosscheck via 

Come to think of it, can we do a plain chronological sort of one publication or a group of publications? 

Might be very handy, for example, to get *all* the November 1938 magazines to see what they said about Mercury Theater, etc.

Thinking out loud here.

3. Yumpu ( Austrian company selling Yumpu page-flip style publication interface) may have offered free hosting for collections of publications and someone who is no longer with us like JimB or Jimbo or whoever had access just "did the Group a favor" experimentally uploading them. Perhaps there was some discussion on the old email list?

Result: More than a million views for Yumpu's free-access demo pages. Benefit to OTRR? Another way to read OTRR Times back-issues without cluttering up your hard drive? Example: 

Thanks again for reminding me to poke around in the old mags!




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