77th anniversary of the craziest Suspense episode ever! -- Fury and Sound 1945-07-26

Joe Webb

Tomorrow, July 26, is the 77th anniversary of the craziest Suspense ever, "Fury and Sound." Listeners had to be confused... it's full of inside jokes and is actually a roast of Suspense producer William Spier! The details of the program and how it came about are at https://sites.google.com/view/suspense-collectors-companion/click-for-home-arrow-for-more/fury-sound-the-strangest-suspense-episode  Thanks again to Jerry Haendiges and John Tefteller for making this episode available to classic radio fans a couple of years ago. If you've gone to the page before, I've made some updates and additions... it's worth going back. Enjoy this quirky piece of Suspense and golden age history.... that fooled the press and critics... but now... you know the secret!


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