Missing YTJD recreated by American Radio Theater!

Joe Webb

American Radio Theater has recreated a missing YTJD from the John Lund period, 1954-09-12 "The Great Bannock Race Matter" which takes Johnny to Scotland https://amerad.libsyn.com/yours-truly-johnny-dollar-the-great-bannock-race-matter  Thank you, ART, for continuing to present missing episodes of classic radio's most beloved series! Details of this episode are in the second edition of John Abbott;s YTJD book on pages 431-433. At the end, the credits are presented as the story being written by Jack Johnstone. It was not. Jack did not get involved in the series until after Lund left YTJD, Johnstone was tasked with reviving the series, directing the 1955 audition, The rest is history, with Johnstone leading the Bailey series. After the show moved to NYC, Johnstone kept writing for YTJD until the very end. This episode was written by veteran scripter Gibson Scott Fox, who wrote for many series, including the Shadow and Hopalong Cassidy. This episode seems to be the only YTJD by Fox.


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