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In checking the Family Theater shows in the OTRR, I found the following mislabeled shows:


Family Theater 50-12-27 (201) The Littlest Angel is actually from December 21, 1949;


Family Theater 51-03-21 (212) The Passion and Death of Christ is actually from March 25, 1948;


Family Theater 52-04-02 (264) The Story of Little Tree is actually from March 8, 1951;


Family Theater 1952.04.09 The Passion And Death Of Christ is actually from March 25, 1948;


Family Theater 1952.07.30 Womans Touch is actually from September 6, 1950;


Family Theater 52-09-03 (283) Stopwatch Finale is from September 4, 1954;


Family Theater 52-09-17 (285) Curtain Call for Genesius is actually from January 30, 1952;


Family Theater 53-02-18 (306) Heritage of Home is actually from February 13, 1952;


Family Theater 1955.04.06 The Passion And Death Of Christ is actually from March 25, 1948;


Family Theater 1956.04.04 The Story Of Little Tree is actually from April 10, 1954;


Family Theater 1957.07.24 Mail Order Missus is actually from October 8, 1952.


All dates are easily identified by listening to the announcement of next week’s show at the end of the program.


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I have 518, 501, 500, 251 as .mp3 files. Plus one unidentified .wav file.


Let me know if you want them.    I should note I haven't verified they're correct!   I'm going by the file names.


On Sun, Jul 31, 2022, 12:11 AM Richard Davenport <klingon1@...> wrote:

I just finished reviewing my set of Family Theater.  I am missing the following shows...

518, 500, 501, 251, 163 & 164, 106, 81

I have 6 encoded at 128br.  The rest are at 32br. 


Labor ipse voluptas

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Will send bio to Ryan.


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We have received a very nice set of Family Theater that will make a nice, new Maintained set. Is anyone interested in doing a short bio (1 page or so) of Father Patrick Peyton, the man behind the series? Apparently he wrote a biography in 1967 that has a few chapters about the series. 

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