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Brian Kavanaugh

The maintained set is available at The episode should be titled Anna Zenger there. There is also an "Anna's Story" episode in the 1950 series, but it is a completely different subject. Like many of the later episodes in the 1950 series, I don't think that one was based on any specific historical events.

On Wed, Aug 3, 2022 at 4:12 PM Bob Stepno <Rstepno@...> wrote:

Thanks, Brian! 

I mentioned the Anna Zenger episode of Destination Freedom when I wrote about the series some years ago, but hadn't been able to find an online recording of it. Time for an update!

Now that you've revived my interest, I see that the episode now is available in the OTRR Library collection (but without Anna's last name or a plot summary) and even at YouTube!

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