70 years of WGN Radio audio to be archived at Northwestern Libraries

Alan Kline

Fantastic, indeed! I can just hear Uncle Bobby Collins cackling about how his show is now deemed “culturally important”! (My official Uncle Bobby “Big Orange” cap is one of my prized possessions…). There were a few occasions where then-current management might have disagreed!

Interesting that there was no mention of WGN’s 90-year association with the Chicago Cubs. I realize that with such a vast collection, not everything can be mentioned, but Cubs baseball and other sports broadcasts are a significant part of the station’s history. 

I wonder if any of Wally Phillips’ famous sound effects discs are included?

Logically, I’d imagine that they’ll emphasize preservation of the oldest material at the beginning, while it’s still possible. The 80’s and 90’s material should be good for a number of years, but hopefully the discs can be transferred before they delaminate.

I hope that Northwestern will archive the material in a way that they’re readily available to the public. If there’s a fundraiser, count me in!


On Aug 4, 2022, at 3:10 PM, John <cbsrmt.online@...> wrote:

Some fantastic news for radio preservationists and Chicago radio enthusiasts:


70 years of WGN Radio audio to be archived at Northwestern Libraries
Collection is a sampling of Chicago history, including local and national news, as well as popular culture

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