How To Join REPS

Larry Maupin

Type "Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound" into your search field.  Then click on the link that comes up right at the top of your page that will get you into the website.  This may take about 20 seconds to load.  Once there, hover on "Get Involved" at the top right of the page.  Then click on "Become a Member" in the menu that drops down.  Then just pay $25 for a full year's (365 days) membership using PayPal or a credit card.  After doing so, please forward a copy of the receipt that you should receive almost immediately in your Inbox to Membership Chairman Jay Secord (jsecord@...) and to me.  You will receive the entire REPS Summer Special distro as well as everything else that I release from the library for the next year.  And I will send you the first 12 episodes today which have already been sent to members who joined yesterday.


Larry Maupin

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