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Brian Kavanaugh

I would feel much better about OTRR at least attempting to work out something with his wife, first. 

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Depending on how the PDF book was produced I could help convert it. It would be easy enough to check.



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If you have the PDF it shouldn't a large task to convert it to an editable file.

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The most recent edition of the book that I have is the fifth revision. Jay sent it as a pdf. He said hard copies were no longer cost effective to print and distribute. 


I never knew where Jay found the time to do all that  he did.






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It's a real loss to the community that the book was not handed off to anyone (to my knowledge) so it could continue to be updated - even digitally - into the future. An invaluable resource.





The Old Time Radio Researchers

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I have his book and it is the best OTR Reference there is that I have seen. Spoke to him when I ordered it and he seemed so enthusiastic. Was polite and helpful and offered updates to his book. The 5th Edition is used by many. RIP Mister Hickerson                 Johnathan

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