The Big Story -- Zoom presentation on Friday Aug 12 at 7:30pm US -- YOU'RE INVITED!

Joe Webb

Send an e-mail to suspenseotr@... and you will get a bounceback email with the Zoom details for audio or video. Call-in numbers are available for those who do not want to log in on their computers.

THANK YOU, Metro Washington OTR Club (MWOTRC), for opening the presentation up to members and non-members

MWOTRC will have their regular member meeting starting at 7:30pm and the presentation will begin at about 8:10 or 8:15 and last an hour. Be sure to log in at whatever time you prefer to hear the presentation... OR... sign in at 7:30 and enjoy their fun.

MWOTRC is one of classic radio's longest-running clubs, and its members stayed together during the COVID lockdowns by switching to Zoom. They still meet in person now and then, especially during the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, putting on recreations at that event.


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