Re: The Big Story -- Zoom presentation on Friday Aug 12 at 7:30pm US -- YOU'RE INVITED!

Bob Stepno

Thanks, Joe! Both for the Big Story presentation and for the shout-out... 

You mentioned that some of the stories were broadcast long after the reporter in question had left the newspaper business, which was something that had struck me 10 years ago when I wrote about The Hartford Courant and those nursing home murders that also inspired the play and movie "Arsenic & Old Lace."

Coincidentally, a year after my blog post, a 1970s Courant colleague of mine dug back into the case in an op-edit arguing for strong public-record laws, the Courant having made its arsenic case using evidence from death certificates and poison-sales records:

He also mentions that the managing editor and another reporter were part of the project. I forget whether The Big Story gives them any credit.

Finally, for anyone curious, here's the song behind my remark (I still haven't remembered who made it) about reporters finding other journalists "most interesting people."

It was originally a Newspaper Guild organizing song, which I always misquote as "Newspapermen meet the most interesting people" instead of "such interesting," and like the creators of The Big Story it had a remark about the movie-industry stereotype of reporters ... no offense to Flash Casey... 

Now, newspapermen are such interesting people. They used to work like Hell just for romance,
But finally, the movies notwithstanding, They all got tired of patches on their pants.
They organized a union, they won a living wage. They joined progressive actors upon a living stage.
Now newspapermen meet real interesting people, Who know they've got a people's fight to wage.

Coincidentally, that recording was from 1947, the same year The Big Story began -- and the year I was born. 




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