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A missing Suspense has been recreated! It's "Rope" from the Summer 1942 series (the it's likely July 1, but there are newspapers that also list in on July 8). It is based on the Leopold-Loeb "thrill" murders of 1924, became a Broadway play by Patrick Hamilton in 1929 ("Rope's End"), and would become a Hitchcock production starring Jimmy Stewart in 1948. The Hamilton play was adapted for Suspense by Harold Medford. Sole Twin Audios, a project of Rachel Pulliam, who is one of the members of the OTRR FB page (and now here on this forum), produced this recreation with original music and a fine cast.

Since it's so early in the Suspense run, you can tell it's still Charles Vanda's vision for British-style mystery guiding the story selection and the production. The Vanda episodes have the feel of stage productions. Vanda would soon leave for military service where he played a key role in the creation of the Armed Forces Radio Service. William Spier would replace him, and would change the tone of Suspense to a first-person narrative (encouraged by Orson Welles).

Thank you Sole Twin Audios, for helping preserve Suspense history!

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Leopold and Loeb murder case of 1924
Northwestern University has a web page devoted to the original incident 

1929 play

For more information about Sole Twin Audios productions and Rachel Pulliam, go to
YouTube Channel 
Her various progams can be heard at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms.

Rachel was interviewed recently

Rachel's interest in classic radio began as a child.
"While I can't recall which program or episode it was, the first time I heard a radio drama was in grade school music class. Years later, I discovered Suspense, The Whistler, and others from the library and in college. I purchased a lot of those "Radio Spirit" CD packs and would listen to them with a friend. It was just an accident, really, getting interested in old time radio. I was immersed in a story where I didn't have to use my eyes and I suppose this was appealing to someone with a visual impairment."
Sole Twin Audios is her "umbrella company" where she develops multiple genres of podcasts. "My intent is to keep the vintage tone...even with original stories produced."
This is her trailer


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