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> here are all the hop on OTR

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Rocket Rod Beck recently shared the complete daily comic strips with us --

That was a task I had tried myself once before but I had problems consolidating the 3 papers I was using. And, besides, his edits were superior to mine. So my collection is replaced with his.

I did have a bunch of promos, the movie serial, info on creator Jon Blummer, some miscellaneous files and "premiums" and ALL the comic book stories. Find at

The first thing you'll notice is that the early comic book stories are reedited from the strips, A la Superman. Or maybe vice versa. I'm not really sure which came first, though strip-to-comic seems easier.

DC Comics treated Hop as a popular feature and, as with Superman or Batman (or Tomahawk), spread him across as many books as they could each month.

The episode log for the radio program lists 186? shows --

There are at least 111 at

96 are on CD at

More than that (I lost count) are at

And there's a bunch on YouTube --


Art Lortie

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