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Max Schmid

Checking the Robert Benchley show Melody & Madness listed in the otrr database - everything about that listing is wrong!  Benchley isn't anywhere to be found on it, the announcer at the end says it is #906 of Spotlight Bands!
Now I'm even more eager to hear what I played!!

Here is an actual description of the show there from Goldin:
Spotlight Bands. October 10, 1945. Blue net. Commercials deleted. Night #906. The program originates from The Santa Barbara Army Ground and Service Forces Redistribution Station and Hoff General Hospital, California The first tune is, "Hindustan.". Artie Shaw and His Orchestra ; Ima Jean Lynn (vocalist);.

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Please send a link - I would like to figure out when this aired. I've been doing the show since 1978, so I don't remember except that it must have been a loooong time ago.

On Wed, Sep 14, 2022 at 10:59 PM Larry Maupin <lmaupin@...> wrote:
Max, were you the announcer on the show?  If so, you were one of the best parts of the episode.  I have not listened to it for a while, but I think there was a lot of humor about fashion.



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That blabbermouth on the Benchley show is me! Glad I could help!!

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Count me in! Thanks!


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Larry Maupin

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