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Hi Joe, 

I'll assist as I can as well.  I'll start from the bottom of the list probably on Wednesday.

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I am very busy at this time, but will be glad to squeeze in a few.



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Can you help us document some Whistler episodes?

The series re-used many titles but they had different storylines. For instance, "Til Death Do Us Part" was used three times for three different stories.

We are in process of completing our Whistler log and need some "extra ears" to review and document certain episodes to identify them as same title / same story or same title / different story. The best way to identify as to whether they are different is by the Whistler's opening narration where he mentions the main character of the story. Please document that main character's name (and perhaps a brief plotline). RadioGoldindex does not always have this precision for such things, but this is the page for The Whistler  One of our researchers is a regular submitter of edits to RGI.

These are the ones we need someone to help with, but we just don't have time to address this at this moment without help. These files have been posted at WeTransfer and will be available for the next 7 days  (posted Sept 18, 2022). It's a 1.13GB file with 50 recordings

THANKS VERY MUCH -- Let me know if you will be assisting in the project!

46-10-28 231 Backfire
55-03-24 667 Backfire

47-11-05 284 Big Prison, The
55-07-07 682 Big Prison, The

46-08-26 222 Brief Pause for Murder
49-09-11 379 Brief Pause for Murder
46-09-08 CHI-32 Brief Pause For Murder, A

42-08-22 15 Death Has a Thirst
43-05-08 51 Death Has a Thirst

51-08-05 478 Design for Murder
55-09-08 690 Design for Murder

49-05-22 363 Fatal Fraud
54-01-10 604 Fatal Fraud

45-05-14 155 Friendly Case of Blackmail aka Hit And Run
46-01-14 190 Hit and Run
50-11-12 440 Friendly Case of Blackmail aka Hit And Run
51-01-07 448 Hit and Run

48-05-05 310 Lady in Waiting
52-05-04 517 Lady in Waiting

47-01-20 243 Last Curtain
49-02-13 349 Last Curtain

52-02-10 505 Little Red Book
55-08-25 689 Little Red Book

48-11-21 337 Lovely Look, The
55-05-05 673 Lovely Look, The

52-03-16 510 Marked Man
55-08-11 687 Marked Man

52-10-12 540 One Dark Night
55-01-23 658 One Dark Night

46-03-25 200 Trigger Man, The
46-04-07 CHI-10 Trigger Man, The (this is a curious AFRS recording with Pacific Network open and WBBM drama with Everett Clark as The Whistler)
49-08-07 374 Trigger Man, The

50-08-27 429 Undercurrent
55-02-20 662 Undercurrent

45-08-13 168 What Makes a Murderer
48-04-07 306 What Makes a Murderer

48-10-10 331 Whirlpool
52-03-02 508 Whirlpool
55-02-06 660 Whirlpool

44-12-18 134 Windfall
47-05-05 258 Windfall

46-12-09 237 With My Own Eyes
50-07-30 425 With My Own Eyes

47-02-17 247 Woman's Privilege, A
49-10-02 382 Woman's Privilege, A
55-06-09 678 Woman's Privilege, A


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