Re: OTRR Series Uploaded to in 2022

Jim Jones


The hubs are still going and fairly active. I am on 4. Three are OTR and one is for audiobooks. The main OTR hub is Phil’s Place. Besides OTR the content has expanded to movies, and Audiobooks. I think the OTRR hub is down. I cannot log into it anymore. This is where we use to store our Certified series.


On the Whistler, I am working on “Lady in Waiting” and “Lats Curtain Call”. If I can find time, I will try to do more.


I too miss Ben and think of him frequently. Ben helped me gather the all the radio logs for my website. This project took several months in which we conferenced daily while working on it. We did logs together and compiled and sorted Harry Nile. We would video chat when I travelled. His travels was limited to his yearly trips to Fla. Ben was a constant companion.




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Philip -- are the hubs still "a thing"? When I got back into the hobby 2005ish they were very active and I met OTRR folks who changed by OTR life for the better (Ben Kibler, RIP, we miss you). Back when there was little broadband and the cloud was something you looked to decide if you needed an umbrella, they were great resources for me as I started my Suspense project. They were my favorite way of getting the new OTRR sets.
What's the status of the OTRR hub and some of the others from a participation perspective?

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