Re: OTRR Series Uploaded to in 2022

Philip Atchley

Well, that's strange, I just checked it and Norton says it's clean.  That web site has been up and totally unmodified since about 2007 and I check it fairly regularly.  Now, I have Norton 360 running here and it's never alerted when I got to my own site (but on a couple occasions has alerted on other sites so that it never let me open them.  Since I've NEVER uploaded anything different to my own web site since around 2007, nor is there any upload links on my site for user to access my site, the only way I could imagine it getting corrupted would be from the host,

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Specializing in DXing NDBs (Longwave Beacons)

Phil, KO6BB,

YAESU: FTDX-101MP Xceiver, Dual SDR Receivers (~2020)
YAESU: FTDX-3000 Xceiver, DSP IF, 300Hz Roofing filter (~2019).
Icom: IC-718 Xceiver, DSP.
Portables: Eton Elite 750 (2), AKA Grundig Satelite 750 (2020)
Sangean ATS-909X2 (2021), Tecsun PL-990 (2021)
SDRs: Perseus SDR, SDRplay RSPdx
Scanner: Uniden SDS-200, 25-1300MHz
ACC: MFJ-993B Auto Antenna Matcher.
HOMEBREW 4 Port Antenna Multicoupler, Feeds 4 RX's.
HOMEBREW Tunable LF-MF Pre-Amp.
Ratzlaff 440Hz 6.5Hz BW CW Audio Filter.
ANTENNAS: 88 foot Long Ladder-line fed dipole, ~35 feet AGL for MW/HF.
Top Loaded Tee (Dipole fed as single element) ~35 Feet AGL.
Butternut HF-6V 6 Band Vertical, ~12 Feet AGL for 75-10M
Ratzlaff Active whip, 5 Foot Long, ~22 Feet AGL For LF/MW/HF.
Wellbrook ALA1530LN Loop For LF/MW/HF at ~17 Feet AGL
Diamond Discone ~35 feet AGL for Scanner.
QTH: Merced, California, 37, 18, 37N 120, 30, 6W CM97rh

On 9/20/2022 9:57 PM, Bill Clough via wrote:

I was looking at the links on Phil's web page Trojan or whatever that takes over your computer, so be careful.
Bill Clough

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