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I would love to give you comments, but I am terrible with remembering the name of some show and specific titles. I certainly love any Jack Benny shopping episode, A Christmas Carol with Lionel Barrymore, Gunsmoke and Six Shooter have excellent Christmas shows as do several other regular shows. I must have a list of 20-25 shows that I make sure to listen to during the holidays. One show that I particularly like but can't remember the name of stars Raymond Burr as an ex-con who finds out that his ex-wife married the cop who arrested him and how the season changes his ideas for revenge. I wish I could be more useful.


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I plan to wrap up the Sept-Oct issue of the Old Radio Times tomorrow and then will begin the Nov-Dec issue. If anyone would like to contribute thoughts or reviews on your favorite Christmas-themed episodes, it would be fun to print them. It will come out too late for Thanksgiving-themed broadcasts.

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