Re: 2000 Plus episodes

B. J. Watkins

I have two copies of The Other Man

2000 Plus 50-06-07 ep 13 The Other Man.mp3 192 kbps 30:37

2000 Plus 50-06-07 The Other Man.flac  266 kbps  30:37


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Hi Scott,

Your copy of "The Other Man" is a higher bit rate than the one I have, so I'd definitely like to grab that one.

"The Other Man" is likely misdated. I have it without a date, just 1950. Newspapers have the title as "The Man Who Found Himself" with a very different plot description.

"The Insect" is also misdated. I believe it was more likely from August 1951. There are several listings for that date for "Under the Sea" with a very different plot. Also, the episode (a) references "The Rod and Gun Club", which didn't start until 9/7/1950, (b) mentions hot weather and the dog days of summer (it wasn't summer and the highs in New York City from May 1950 were around 75), and (c) the vague description at the end for the next episode does not match available descriptions of "The Man Who Tried to Stop June 8th". An old Stan Falk catalog listed the episode date as 8/15/1951 (and Goldin lists that as a possible date). That's not a broadcast date for the series (8/12 or 8/19 for New York and 8/14 for Los Angeles would have been those closest), but it does seem more likely that episode was from around there.

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I have these two. Which don’t seem to be on your list at all. They aren’t numbered but, I assume, they’d be episodes 10 and 13. The titles are blatantly quoted in the opening sequence. All of mine are 64kbps but they sound pretty good.



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I'm finishing work on a new, maintained set for the science fiction series, 2000 Plus that will probably be released next month. Before I wrap it up, I wanted to check if anyone had better copies of any of the available episodes. Attached is a screenshot of the episodes in the series, along with the file size and bit rate.

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