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Rodney Bowcock

I was quoted a price of $8 per show.  These are from Jerry Haendiges, whom I guess was probably the source of the shows in the other group.

For years there were only 5 shows circulating, but as I understand it, when Aleen Leslie (the creator) passed away in 2010, she left a full run of scripts (which enabled Stewart Wright to create his log) and about 150 transcription discs, many in rough shape, but mostly able to be transferred.  Jerry has transferred those and has been slowly releasing them. 


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I would totally subscribe to that as an add-on exercise. What sort of dollars do you thing we’re talking about?


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I've really been enjoying the Date With Judy episodes that were acquired within the last few years by the Purchasing Group, and was wondering if there is any interest in picking more of these up. 


I had looked into it myself, but it was prohibitive considering the amount of episodes that exist and have not been released into circulation yet (100-110 or so).



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