Re: Missing ESCAPE to premiere Friday, November 11!

Joe Webb

Congratulations to Project Audion and everyone involved! 

At the end of the presentation, the original credits were given, and included Frank Lovejoy, Alan Reed, and Bill Johnstone (aka Randy Stone, Fred Flintstone, and Lamont Cranston!). This was an early role for Lovejoy in his first Hollywood year after moving from New York.

Lovejoy's lead casting makes me wonder -- Robson produced this, and he also wrote the Suspense "musical" "The Wreck of the Old 97." That was at the time when the Red Channels issues had him writing under the name "Christopher Anthony," the names of his sons. I would think that if Robson was happy with the way "Yellow Mail" went with Lovejoy, he likely whispered into Elliott Lewis' ear 4+ years later about casting Lovejoy for "97." And who knows, perhaps Robson wrote the script with Lovejoy in mind right from the beginning. We'll never know...

I wish Project Audion had no missing scripts to perform. But I'm glad they have doing so as one of their missions, and that they do it with such great care and enthusiasm.

Attached is the original short story that was adapted for Escape from the May 1901 McClure's.


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