Re: Paul Harvey

Steven Morris

Thank you for your work.

On Thu, Nov 17, 2022 at 1:06 PM Jim Jones <otr@...> wrote:
As a long time Paul Harvey fan I have enjoyed listening to PH describe unique tidbits of news is unique and entertaining style. I often use his 3 to 5 min show  as a filler in my car when I don't have time to put in a whole OTR episode. His shows make for wonderful fillers.

The problem I had was that the OTRR filing of the shows are alphabetical. As they played several shows in a row would come up in order all on the same topic (no surprise ending). Also, the names of the shows come up on my car display. This also diminishes the surprise endings which make the shows so good.

So I have created a folder (for my player) that has randomized the show AND deleted the titles. This provides a better listening experience, more like the original broadcast, with the usual revelation at the end.

For anyone interested, the follow link includs both the OTRR alphabetized/labeled shows and the Randomized/unlabeled versions:


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