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Steven Morris

I was inspired by the comments about the Christmas show.  I have been endeavoring to locate all of the Christmas shows that I can find.  So far I have amassed more than 700 shows that are Christmas related.  Amounting to almost 6 gig of data. It will take me over two years to listen to each show.  

I am by no means a writer but this could be an interesting topic to address.  The topic of Christmas in old radio shows.  

My play list consists of regular regular shows that include Christmas related shows.  Such as Fibber McGee and Morley. specials written specifically about Christmas.  Such as cinnamon bear and versions of A Christmas Carol.

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Hi Ryan,

You just inspired me to do a quick search back through my online archive to see what Thanksgiving and Christmas programs written about in the past. I especially liked Superman's in character message for the first Christmas after the Germany and Japan surrendered, in keeping with the post-war brotherhood and anti-intolerance theme of the program. Of my newspaper friends, Casey and the cast of Big Town and Night Beat caught the holiday spirit, probably more than once. And, of course, having lived in Connecticut for about a third of my life, the radio adaptation of 'Christmas in Connecticut" is one I thought of on my list of newspaper movie adaptations.
Rather than just dump nine URLs into an email, I decided to make a "themes & hooks" page on my blog, which will also help me organize my top menu by making a few other pages sub-menus items.
The individual file names in the URLs are probably enough to identify the stories.
Some of the posts are more than 10 years old, so internet archive or YouTube links might need updating. Some of the OTR collection updates over the years have included changes of file names that I linked to in the MP3 player. I fix them when I notice them, but I haven't gone back and proofread everything.

If anybody notices glitches, errors or major omissions, please do drop me a line!
And if you want any of these items for the newsletter, as-is or adapted, let me know...

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