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Litsey, Alan

Joe, congratulations on your exciting project. Many thanks for sharing your enormous research, and sharing with the world. I look forward to each episode. Warm regards, Alan 

On Jan 15, 2023, at 6:38 AM, Joe Webb via <drjoewebb@...> wrote:

The Suspense Project... a daily blogpost starting TODAY January 15, 2023

All of the surviving episodes of Suspense augmented by production history, episode analysis, and behind-the-scenes maneuvering, are detailed every day at... 

The project will last until all of the episodes are posted; the postings will last for about two years and seven months, ending in the Summer of 2025.

Most all of the recordings will be available in lossless FLAC, selected from recordings assembled for 15+ years from numerous sources and selected for their overall sound quality and other characteristics. Numerous collectors and researchers have generously shared their collections and knowledge that have made this possible. Recently, Old Time Radio Researchers and associated groups, especially "Knights of the Turning Table," have worked to acquire the tape collections of some of the hobby's pioneer collectors. This has resulted in many new versions of recordings being found and significant upgrades to the recordings of episodes from the later years of the series. Thank you to everyone who has participated and continues to do so, diligently working to find discs and disc recordings and airchecks to restore these recordings with today's digital technologies.

Thank you especially to all of the collectors who have gone before us. Their hard work in the pre-digital age of recording is resulting in a superior and more complete collection than they could have ever imagined. This project, and all of the generous collectors who contribute to it today, stand on their strong shoulders.

New blogposts will be available every day at 5:00AM Eastern US time. Recordings will be available at the Internet Archive (link provided in each blogpost) on an individual page for each episode. The Internet Archive is supplied with FLAC recordings but also creates an MP3 file for use on various portable devices or any use that the listener finds convenient... OR an episode can be easily streamed on its page.

Today's post is about the failed 1940 Suspense pilot episode "The Lodger" with Alfred Hitchcock... who wasn't even there! It's a fascinating story.


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