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Brian Kavanaugh

There's also a play that is a production of "It's a Wonderful Life" as a 1940s live radio broadcast. I saw it performed at Sapulpa Community Theater (in Oklahoma) a few years ago as my sister was in it.

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The opening of the 1940 horror comedy "You'll Find Out" is set during a broadcast of Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge. How close the Hollywood version is to the real thing, I have no idea.

Red Skelton plays a radio detective called The Fox in 1941's "Whistling in the Dark", which opens with a broadcast of the show.

The 1942 Abbott and Costello mystery "Who Done It?" is set in a radio station and as scenes set during broadcasts. Again, might be more Hollywood than reality.

"Danger on the Air", 1938, is another mystery set at a radio station.

The old AMC series "Remember WENN" might be a fun one to share with your grandson. Some episodes are up on YouTube.


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I was listening to Radio Classics in my car on Sirius XM I picked up my
grandson at school and he was listening to it on the way home and I
started talking to him about radio. How in the 30s 40s and 50s radio was
King everyone had a radio, everyone sat around it at night getting their
news and entertainment before television came along by radio. I was
explaining to him how they produced a radio show with sound effects
actors using different devices to change the way their voice sounded and
musicians to play music. I wanted to find a video that he could watch
that would show a radio Studio and how they produced a radio show. I
found 'The Night That Panicked America' 1975 TV movie about October 30,
1938, Orson Welles's mercury theater of the air radio play "The War of
the Worlds" I was able to download it from

Does anyone have any other videos I could get that would show a radio

tnx  Chuck Walker  KF7PK

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