High Adventure

Jim Jones

I have been updating my collection of High Adventure, which ran in the US from Mar 47 to Sep 54. A second HA from South Africa ran from 1972-85.
A review of the library HA folder shows that it contains 85 HA files (including a HA Synopsis file). Of these 85 files 61 files are from the South African series. They are all included in the High Adventure (SA) folder, so these files should just be deleted (pink files on the attached spreadsheet). 8 files are not titled (2 have a brief description of the episode instead of a title). The correct titles are marked in red on attached spreadsheet. 2 Shows are an AFRS entitled "Radio Novel". They may or not be original to the HA series. Also included are a couple of dupes.

I have attached a spreadsheet color coding these corrections. After deleting the SA episodes it should be a quick fix to add titles to the remaining unnamed shows.


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