Re: High Adventure

Jim Jones

The High Adventure folder contains one South African file missing from the High Adventure (SA) folder - "Tea Kettle Number 4630". That file needs to be transferred from the HA folder to the HA (SA) folder.

The HA (SA) folder contains one mislabeled show. The file named "George Halas" is actually "Abandon Ship" (by announcer in the first minute).

A duplicate file of "The Snakes" exists. One file is labeled "Snakes", and the there is labeled "Snakes, The".

Like the American version the SA show was very popular and ran from 1972 to 1985. The show entitled "Panic Station" is dated as 06/16/93 which is 8 years after the show ended. All files I found on the internet list this date. It is probably a typo from the original source and most likely should be 06/16/83, but I can't confirm actual date.


Joe, Thanks for the HA update. Yes Bob (Robert) Monroe is credited as Writer-Director  for the show. When the show lost sponsorship on NBC in 1950 he along with co-writer Elliott Drake were credited for returning the show to Mutual where it ran for another year.

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