Another Untitled Episode of The Guiding Light

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: No date is listed for the episode in the OTRR Library collection

Sponsor: Duz

Suggested Episode Title: "Bill Has Been Fired By Ted White"

Summary: It is late at night in Hollywood.  Chuckie has fallen while taking a boxing lesson and lies in a coma at the hospital.  Bill has been to visit him, and comes home to an angry Bertha, who accuses him of lying to her and of having been out drinking all evening.  He replies that he just came from the hospital after having a few beers earlier and reminds her that he just lost his job.  She calls him weak, and forbids him to take another drink when he announces his intention to do so.  He replies that the trouble with their marriage from the beginning has been that she wants to be in control of everything.  He then goes into the kitchen, and the episode ends with the sound of ice cubes clinking in a glass.  Something a little stronger than beer apparently.

Note: (1) Seldom do other OTR soap operas deal with the subject of alcoholism, and in my opinion almost never as intelligently. sensitively and even sympathetically as The Guiding Light.

Larry Maupin

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