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Philip Atchley

You're welcome.

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On 5/10/2020 5:05 PM, C. Nava wrote:
This is a great idea. Thanks, Philip!

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At the OTRR library it is very easy to download an entire page of MP3's
(or other file type.  All you need is to have the "Firefox" browser on
your computer, then install the "Down Them All" add-on. Set it up to
recognize audio files, when you are on a web page with direct links to
MP3 files right click and select down-them-all. It'll add them to a 2nd
window where you can select the actual files you want, anything from 1
file to all of them.  I've done it that way for years.

Now, it WON'T work for file storage sites that go through a second html
page to get the file you want. . .

In fact, you can add an entire page of MP3's, let's say "The Lone
Ranger", then go to another program (maybe "Sam Spade?) and add those
files, and so forth.

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