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I'm curious; why is the url of many of the individual shows so long?

On Sat, 9 May 2020, K & J Hammel wrote:

A quick way to get to listen to a good variety of shows is via the otrr library site ( Start there. You can sample a lot of different shows to see what you like best.??
I think downloading from the site is generally one at a time.. not sure if you can download a whole folder or not from there. Others in the group will know.??
There's also the OTRR home page at ( and you can download series and single episodes from there.?? There's should be plenty to keep you in OTR heaven for a very long time!
Depending on what your preferences are, ie: detective, news, soap operas, science fiction, etc... members of the group can make suggestions of shows they think you'd most enjoy.
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I am actually looking for anything I can get my hands on.?? We had some
that my son got his hands on and he listened to them to death and then his
brother in law got hold of what was left and because my son and
daughter-in-law loved them he destroyed them.?? Anything that made his
sister happy he tried to destroy.?? They have since moved and we are now
trying to rebuild our library.

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