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Gordon Johansen

I checked with my records as well. My 350 is Hollywood Stars Chauffer Murdered which fits the episodes story I have. I don't have 355 but is sure sounds familiar.


Richard Davenport wrote on 5/10/20 1:40 PM:

Scott I tried to go by the know episode information.  I only corrected the file names to follow a standard sequence.  Here is the file.  See what you think. 

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On Sunday, May 10, 2020, 1:24:58 PM CDT, Scott Mahan <scott@...> wrote:

Jungle Jim - 0355 - 42-08-15 - War Time Adventures - 22 of 186 -.mp3


I have this as episode 350. Is your episode 350 different?


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I am missing the 1st 10 eps of the bull bragg series.  Does anyone have that available.

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Holy cow!


I'll pause my efforts and Monday morning quarterback yours! :)

You're so far ahead of me I don't even see your trail of dust ...


Art Lortie

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I have been going thru my JJ shows and cleaning it up, culling dupes and trying to find the best bit rate copies I have. 

I have now complete from 1 to 358 then a gap from 359-363 and 365-429.  There were quite a few badly labeled files I had that took a lot of time to either eliminate or find and fix the names for.   if anyone has access to these missing files please let me know.   I saw that there was a post for corrected dates.  I am working towards that series. 




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