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OK I have a folder full from some years ago File names are in the format jb1932-05-12Jacks1stPayingMcJob And I have the Fred Allen guest show from 1938. But  in the properties the contributing artists is OTR Jack Benny and the album  named OTR #07 XP SEASONAL ect... No publishers name and I seem to have downloaded this at some point in 2011 Small files at 24kbps so I have no idea if they are from the facebooks set or not. Happy to upload a few if you have a list of "wants" regards Leslie Schramm

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I'm a member of the Jack Benny Facebook group and apparently they have their own set of Jack Benny programs with 749 episodes. Apparently it was on at one point but they got a cease-and-desist letter from Radio Spirits and pulled it down. By chance has anyone compared their set to our Certified set from 2017?

Here's part of their description: "I'm pretty confident most folks have never heard these before, because they haven't been widely available online. I collaborated on creating these files a few years ago-- a friend who had excellent source copies of the entire series did me the honor of letting me collaborate with him in creating a new set of mp3s to replace all the old copies floating around. ... Also, unlike the previously circulating mp3s, the source material for the shows in this new collection was predominantly the original NBC transcription discs and the CBS master tapes. This means that not only is the sound quality far better, but also that many, many shows here are in more complete form than were previously available, replacing dozens of shows previously only available in versions heavily edited for the AFRS or for commercial purposes... There are also a number of shows from the late 1930s avaialble in East Coast and West Coast versions, which is especially a treat in the case of a Fred Allen guest show from 1938... No noise reduction was applied; in most cases, the recordings are totally pristine anyway."

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