Life with Luigi update

Ryan Ellett

I am closing in on finishing a first listen-through of all the Life with Luigis in the OTRR library. I have supplemented many of them with copies from a site called oldtimeradiodownloads. Of the 150+ in the collection, a great many could use an upgrade in sound quality. Earlier shows in the series seem to sound better than later shows. Roughly speaking, after about December 1950 the consistent quality declines. There are very few on other public sites such as so I wonder if the circulating mp3 pickings for this series are slim. If you have any of these shows on tape or reels it might be worth looking at digitizing them. I can do cassettes but not reel-to-reels, although we do have members with that capability. As time permits, please dig through old material you might have just in case there are some clean Luigis in there.


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