15-minute Life with Luigi

Ryan Ellett

If anyone would like a research project, we have three episodes of Life with Luigi that are 15 minutes long, the same three listed at the end of Goldin's log of the show. He has them listed as May 1954 but there's no record of any 15-minute broadcasts that I can find during that time or anytime, actually. The 30-minute show left the air abruptly in March, 1953, likely because writer ac Benoff was called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee. The shows have an audience but no sponsor associated with them. Joe Webb and I suspect these 15-minute programs were auditions for a proposed quarter-hour version; I did find newspaper references to attempts to revive it in this format in 1954. I find half-hour broadcasts as late as summer 1954 (Hawaii), I assume they are re-runs of earlier shows. If anyone wants to try and find evidence the series was actually broadcast in this format, consider this a challenge!

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