Re: 15-minute Life with Luigi

Ryan Ellett

Thanks Dave for the reference. I wish the author had cited his source for that claim. I wonder if it was based on Goldin's log. Maybe Luigi writer Mac Benoff's collection at the American Heritage Center gives more details but the brief collection description online doesn't say much.

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On Sunday, May 24, 2020, 07:48:14 PM CDT, DaveC <craigdav@...> wrote:

In an essay, "What Luigi Basco Taught Americans about Italian Americans" (in a 2010 book, Anti-Italianism: Essays on a Prejudice, eds. W Connell and F. Gardaphi), the essay author, Dominic Candeloro, states that some 15-minute episodes were broadcast in 1954. The link to the essay is below. Hope it works.

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