locked Re: Wisconsin Public Radio Ends OTR Broadcast Saying, "It's Racist and Sexist"

Larry Maupin

Hello Pastor Gary,

Your post is extremely interesting and informative and I'm glad you shared this information, which I would not have known otherwise.  

I have been reluctant to post anything here on Amos 'n' Andy because even though I think the program is sweet and funny, and even though it was once so popular that theaters interrupted movies that were showing all across the country to pipe in that day's episode of the show, I have been afraid of offending other members who might consider the program to be racist.  Will the day come when all episodes of Amos 'n' Andy will be banned from radio as it has apparently already been banned from television?  And the even larger question, is the program indeed racist and therefore should it  be "retired"?

As for Wisconsin Public Radio's explanation for cancelling "Old Time Radio Drama" and removing the entire program from its archives, I think that it sad and ridiculous.

Any time members of this group want to hear a great OTR program with a variety of shows, an affable and knowledgeable host and fantastic music, I recommend any episode of Same Time, Same Station, many of which are in the OTRR Library collection.



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I don't chime in often, but I feel compelled to speak up for this bit of news.

06/20/2020 - Wisconsin Public Radio produced and broadcasted a radio show called "Old Time Radio Drama" for many decades.  It formerly aired on Saturday and Sundays from 8:00-11:00 PM.  Their long-running and popular radio program has now been canceled and the archives removed from the WPR website because it "include[s] racist and sexist materials.".

Here's what they have to say at this link:

"While schedule changes can be difficult, now is the right time to end this program," said Mike Crane, WPR director. "Many of these plays and productions were produced more than 60 years ago and include racist and sexist material.   Despite significant efforts over the years, it has been nearly impossible to find historic programs without offensive and outdated content. And, ultimately, these programs don’t represent the values of WPR and The Ideas Network’s focus on public service through news and information."

It's getting crazy out there and it makes me wonder just how soon they'll be coming for my collection of "racist and sexist" OTR?

Are we next and which OTR resource might succumb to this movement in the future???

Do we just let this happen, or do we somehow speak out?


Larry Maupin

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