locked Re: Wisconsin Public Radio Ends OTR Broadcast Saying, "It's Racist and Sexist"

Scott Galley

There is no doubt we're living in a time when the desire to condemn the past and hide it away is an easier solution to the new chattering classes than to contextualize it and attempt to understand and/or enjoy it for what it is, at least with regard to radio, music and film; both as an entertainment and a window into the past.

There is no doubt that much is cringe-worthy from a 21st century perspective, but to view the past through a modern lens exclusively is to engage in 'presentism'. With this kind of approach (to quote Wikipedia), which emphasizes the relevance of history to the present, things that do not seem relevant receive little attention, which results in a misleading portrayal of the past. Which is why 'Destination Freedom' wouldn't receive airplay, sadly.

And to reiterate, just so that no one gets angry, I was in no way attempting to mussel Gary's thoughts or concerns with regard to Wisconsin Public Radio. A letter voicing objection may be the most rational approach. I just hope that we don't get too sidetracked with these sort of subjects, because I suspect that we're just a the tip of the iceberg when it come to a wholesale condemnation of the past.


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