Re: OTR Connections

B. J. Watkins

There was an intersection in Glendora, CA that I thought was great. On the four corners were Straight Arrow carpets, Gunsmoke, Winchell's Donuts (I always thought Walter Winchell), and then a sign on the fourth corner saying Chinese buffet coming soon. How I hoped it'd be called Charlie Chan but didn't happen.

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As a light-hearted post I wanted to hear from others. While out on my morning run I saw a restaurant that, years ago (about 20), was called Molly McGee's. It could have been pure coincidence. There also was a Goodman Ace Hardware in Kansas City; I took a picture of it once when I drove by. I couldn't believe it. I'm not sure it's there anymore. 

Are there any establishments in your area that are a callback in some way to old time radio?

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