New Scans to Our Publication Library

Ryan Ellett

The following booklets, dealer catalogs, and scripts have been added to the "Publications" section of our website:

A Technical Guide to Old-time Radio, Recording & Audio Production, 2002, by Bob Burnham

Listening Guide to Classic Radio Programs – Technical Guide Volume No. 2, 1986, by Bob Burnham
      - Thanks Bob Burnham for permission to make both of these available!

Science Fiction on Radio (Revised), 1976, by Meade & Penny Frierson

Nostalgia, September 1987

Nostalgia Warehouse, Inc., 1984, Catalog #1

Nostalgia Warehouse, Inc., 1985, Catalog #2

Old Time Radio, Inc. 1973

Adventures of Sam Spade (1951-01-14)

Cisco Kid (No Date)

Mark Trail (1952-06-09)

My True Story (1956-12-19)

Mystery Theatre (1954-05-12)

Mystery Theatre (1954-05-19)

Philco Radio Playhouse (1954-01-27)

Shadow (1937-10-03)

Story for Today (1949-04-06)

Story for Today (1949-04-07)

Story for Today (1949-04-08)

Texaco Star Theatre (1944-06-04)

Top Guy (1952-08-04)

Top Guy (1953-04-02)

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