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I just made the donation but do not have Roger Kim's email address.....

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Hello Barry,

The link to join the group is on the website, which can be found at  There if you scroll down far enough you will see "Join REPS Today", and if you click on that you will see a link to Paypal.  The dues are $25 per year.  Please be sure to send Roger Kim your mailing address because I think the June issue of Air Check will be printed next week and you will receive it.

If you join I would like to hear from you and perhaps we can correspond about OTR matters.



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Thanks for the info. I am interested. What is the link? Thanks. 

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On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 8:30 AM, Larry Maupin <lmaupin@...> wrote:

Hello to everyone.  I belong to another OTR group, the Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound (REPS) which has a newsletter called Air Check that is mailed to members.  The only other OTR group newsletter that I am aware of which automatically mails a printed copy of its newsletter Radiogram to members is SPERDVAC.

I have seen a copy of Air Check via a link that was sent to me by another REPS member (the forthcoming issue is the first to be mailed out since I joined), and it is in color, is well formatted and designed, and has interesting content.  There is a new editor who will be looking for articles from members for future issues.  

Anyone interesting in joining the group can find it online just by typing the name into your browser.  I think the annual dues are $20 and there is a link to Paypal so you can join with a click and become a member.  It is not necessary to fill out an application and be approved.

I have asked the president of the group to keep an eye out for any new members during the next few days so he can make sure you are immediately added to the mailing list and will receive the June issue.  It was just sent to the printer, so will probably not be ready to mail for about a week.

The group also has a policy of refunding membership dues if a new member is dissatisfied for any reason, and there is no deadline for asking for a refund.  But I am glad I joined.  One of their librarians is a great correspondent and I have exchanged some OTR episodes with him.  I received episodes of The Second Mrs. Burton and Just Plain Bill that are not in the OTRR Library.  In fact, I thought the episode of The Second Mrs. Burton that I already had was the only one in existence, but the one he sent me is definitely a second one.

Please let me know if you join.  


Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

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